Valsana Hotel, Arosa

The brand new Valsana sits at the entrance of the village; bordering the Arosa forest, flanked by the lake and surrounded by beautiful panoramic views of the mountains.The architecture and interior design are an interpretation of the forest and the surrounding nature, while also using the latest technological innovations to minimise the hotel’s impact on the environment - the hotel will be powered using an 'ice battery'.


The hotel features 40 rooms and 9 family apartments (1-2 bedrooms with kitchenettes), each complete with large balconies, a restaurant with a huge sun-soaked terrace vis-a-vis the mountains and an 800 sqm spa nestling on the edge of the Arosa forest.


Interior designer Carlo Rampazzi had a vision of an 'open house' for the interior rooms - with nature as the artist.


The result is an ideal combination of the perfection of wood, stone and glass. There are wonderful pieces of furniture from around the world, each telling its own story. Arosa’s new 'living room' exudes a very special atmosphere and provides the perfect setting for unforgettable encounters.


Valsana Hotel Arosa
Oberseepromenade 2
CH-7050 Arosa


Tel. +41 (0)81 378 99 99
Fax +41 (0)81 378 99 90