In Bright Connection agency we believe in special attention and tailor-made approach to each client. The philosophy of our company is rooted in individual service and personalized care. Our team consists exclusively of professional managers with profound education and diverse background in the field of hotel business, not to mention extensive relevant work experience. We are sure to further develop the skills of our staff through regular trainings that help us stay in touch with the latest trends in the tourism market and sales tools. The company's portfolio is selected exclusively according to the criteria of exclusivity and strict compliance with the loyalty to existing hotels. A personal manager is always allocated for each client.
There is no limit to the stream of our ideas. In each case we strive to create a personalized, tailor-made development plan, with the utmost care and attention to the unique features and character of the property and its geographical location.
Our agency became the first one in Russia to set up and run webinars on our own platform, which has made it much easier for regional companies to receive a complete and timely presentation of information. 
We organize fam trips to the hotels and marketing events not only for the best travel companies in the country, but also for top managers of leading corporations and banks, thus getting access to direct customers.
Every time we do our best to make emphasis on unique and the most attractive options of the hotel.
We also regularly motivate travel companies with incentives and special marketing promotions.
Extensive experience in the field of luxury hotels promotion, an impressive network of partners both in travel industry and in the media, as well as a solid reputation, all contribute to an impeccable performance. We provide our services to the most demanding clients with confidence and in style. 



Sincerely yours,

Polina Raevskaya